Monday, April 19, 2010

"Check out my teeth!!!"

Hi everyone! I'm attempting to blog...again...which as some of you might know means there are about 6 new posts and then you won't see any more for another few months. I'd say I'll get on the ball but I've said it too many times in the past. So hopefully you have a few minutes to scroll through the pics and catch up on what has been going on at Casa de Keough!!!

These are just some fun recent pics of Winter. She is getting so big. I wanted everyone to see her teeth and these pics show a bit of her funny & silly personality!!!

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Winter's First Easter Basket

This was Winter with her first Easter basket!!!

Yes girls...this is Winter Kate with her VERY FIRST MINI EGG!!! Ahhhh so many more to come!

I left out the yuckier pics...but essentially she did not know what to do with that candy egg. Eventually it was spit into a napkin after much blue drool got on her pajamas. I'll try the Mini Eggs next year :)

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A Trip to Lovey & Pops to see Mimi

This was actually Easter Sunday but I have gotten these posts all out of order. We went to my parents to have Easter Linner. It was so great!! Below is my Mimi, wow is she going to be mad at me for putting this picture on here, I just couldn't resist showing her cooking in her hair net!!!

Winter slobbered all over my parents giant mirror!!!

Another FOUR generations picture. We wanted to be sure to take one on a day I had actually tried to fix my hair...haven't done it since :)

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My First Swimming Lesson

We started Winter in swimming lessons so she will be all ready when we head to Myrtle Beach in July!!! She has somewhat of a death grip on the back of my hair but she sure looks relaxed!!!

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My dad's 60th Birthday!!

My mom had a fantastic birthday party for my dad...the BIG 6-0!! Here is a Winter family photo....and

here is Winter Kate enjoying the party!!! She was so excited to celebrate her Pops!!!
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Winter's First Birthday

Can you believe our little Tootie has turned ONE!! Yep, April 6th, 2010 was the big day. We had a small family party with all of Winter's favorite people. All her grand parents and her great grandma Mimi were in attendance. It was absolutely perfect!!!
Here are all the girls!!! This is FOUR generations!!!

This was during her gift opening. She put on a little show for us. It was hilarious. Of course she was more into the wrapping, throwing the clothes on the floor, and walking around the piano bench to care much about the gifts. But she did stop to give the paparazzi a little wave :)

Below is a post birthday cake photo. She didn't get too out of control eating it because she couldn't seem to stand having icing all over her hands. She might be more like her daddy than I thought :)

Here is the whole crew...minus daddy the photographer :( Sorry Mike!!! What a fun time we had celebrating our little miracle!!!

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A favorite pose :)

Sometimes Winter takes a break from all her craziness and strikes what I call the swimsuit model pose. Check out those perfectly crossed legs!!!
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Sunday, April 11, 2010

A Twelvsie Update

Still need to get the Twelve Month posted!!!

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A favorite face :)

Winter makes this face when she is cracks me up!!! It is accompanied with huffing out her nose in irritation!!! My other favorite things are when she tries so hard to lift something heavy, like the laundry basket into the dishwasher, and breathes like she's in the gym doing clean squat jerks. So funny!! She has also learned that whenever she falls down (which is constantly considering she is in the "cruising" phase) she says "Ow" even if it didn't hurt. It comes out crystal clear.

So that's it for now. I would love to put a thousand more pics of my cutie pie on here but that's enough to give you a taste of what the Keough's have been up to. Love to you all from Colorado!!

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Monday, February 08, 2010

Onesie Update!

As I mentioned below Winter is now 10 MONTHS old but I just realized the last onesie update I had was her FIVE MONTH pictures. Ahhhhh!!! So here is a quick catch up from the past few months. I promise a 10 month photo will follow shortly :)

It is getting harder and harder to get her to sit still for a onesie picture. She is ALL over the place. Not walking yet but crawling like a maniac!!!
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Christmas...A Little Late!!!!

I've got to get this blogging reverse order stuff down. I need to start at the oldest Picasa pictures if I want to get this in chronological order. OK I'll do that from here on out. These are some pics from the Keough/Winter family Christmas. We headed up to the mountains to celebrate!!! You can see that Winter LOVED the attention from her Lovey and Pops!

Uncle Brad came to visit too which made for an extra special Christmas!! We all had such a great time and we got to head out for a date night to the Avs game.

I could have chosen about a million of the pictures from Winter's first sled ride. Her Granny and Grampy sent her this awesome sled for Christmas. We got her all decked out in her pink snow suit. She had the BEST time!!!!

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Winter Loves Little "E"

Yes let's state the obvious...blogging is not my strong suit. Anyhoo...I thought I should give it another whirl. Instead of feeling like I need to go back I'm just picking up from here. Winter was 10 months old on Saturday. I can hardly believe it. We still need to get our 10 month onesie photo but here are some sweet pics of Winter and Little E.

Poor Erik...Winter is aggressive :)

He just doesn't know what to think about all this.

These are some pics Matt took when the Zitzlsperger Family made the trek out to Colorado for Winter's baby dedication. We had such a great time!!! Winter was so thankful to have her Godmommy and Goddaddy out here for her big event!!!!

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Sunday, October 11, 2009

A Few Videos :)

Happy Girl

Bath Time


It Has Been FOREVER!!!

OK OK we know it has been ages since we have updated the blog...three months to be exact. That might not seem like much but when you have a little one there are TONS of changes. So much has happened I don't even know where to start. So here is the plan. I'll just start from today and then as you scroll down you'll see highlights from the last three months. Hopefully I can figure this blog business out and get these posted in the right order :)

So the biggest news is WE ARE MOVING!!! Yep...we found a fabulous house in Castle Rock and so we decided to see if our house would sell. Two and half weeks later we are officially homeless. We move out on the 22nd and into our new house on the 26th. Just in time for Halloween!!!

You can see above the remnants of our first snow. To keep little Winter warm we got her all snuggly in her fleece pajamas. Below we are practicing sitting up. She is starting to get it...with a little help from mom!!

The Bumbo is now a big hit. Winter has been working on her abs so there is no more shlumping over in this thing!

We just had to show off her long eyelashes!! Mimi is here visiting and her favorite feature is Winter's little almond shaped eyes.

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